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Our Values

INNOSEC is founded on one key element that unites us all. Without it we have no meaning: “Humanity”

The values ​​we believe-in comprise the humanity, upon which the company is built and enable us to be better at what we do – for each of us as an individual, for our customers and for all of us as the INNOSEC family. Our values ​​are:


Our Values are

Fraternity, Brotherhood and Mutual Respect

I see the other as equivalent to me; I am open to learn from the people around me; I transfer my knowledge to others and help them as much as I can; I accept diversity regardless of the nature of the difference and respect people, their choices, their rights and their privacy..


I strive to learn something new every day; I don't let problems remain unsolved, just because I have no immediate solution for them; I take interest in what our customers are doing; I draw effective conclusions from failures as well as successes.


I make wise decisions while exercising criticism on every issue; I recognize the root-cause of the problem and manage to treat not only the symptom; I think strategically and clearly define the tasks to do; I wisely separate what can be done well in the short term and what can be improved in the long run.


I listen attentively instead of responding quickly so I can understand better; I am clear and accurate in oral and written statements; I treat people with respect regardless of their status or disagreement with them; I keep calm even in stressful situations.


I tell the truth to the people around me; I'm not afraid to admit mistakes; I encourage the people around me to be honest with me and themselves.


I speak my mind, even if what I say may be controversial; I make tough decisions and bravely face the consequences; I take calculated risks; I dispute actions that run counter to our values.


I care about the living beings and nature around me and act with empathy; I show interest and help as much as I can to others who need or seek help.

Favor, Equanimity, Lack of Jealousy

I see the success of our clients, colleagues and employees as my success; I am happy with the success of my friends and clients as I would expect them to be happy with mine. I encourage those around me to improve, move forward and succeed and happily share my knowledge with them.