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The rise of attacks resulting in huge business losses has brought cybersecurity into the board room. This step has reflected communication with organizational high management. Protection of Business Assets is the new terminology, and we in InnoSec are obliged to follow and comply with with it.

The services InnoSec provides related to all of the organizational hierarchy from operational staff to senior management and board of directors.

Enterprise Cyber Risk

Understand cyber risks from a business perspective and enable c-level executives and board members to make well-informed descisions based on a clear cyber risk strategy.

Privacy & GDPR

Resources that provide you automated tools to manage GDPR compliance and perform privacy impact and risk assessments.

CISO as a Service

Determine the information security strategy of the organization, govern and execute procedures and standards.

Penetration Tests

Simulate attacks from malicious external agent on both applicative and infrastructure levels.

More Services

Internal Audits

Providing an independent assessment of existing and required controls, helping communicate with the audit committee.

Risk Assessments

Map and analyze business assets inherent and residual risk according to global principles NIST, FAIR etc.

Cyber Due Diligence Pre and Post M&A

Understand the cyber risk associated with the target assets and its impact pre and post M&A.

Supply Chain Risk Assessment

Define and manage the process of Supply Chain Cyber Risk Assessment by Israel National Cyber Directorate certified experts.

Compliance & Regulations

Preparation and guidance for compliance with laws, regulations and standards (ISO27K, PCI-DSS, ITGC and many more).

Methodology Consolidation

Define Information Security risk assesment methodology, policies, procedures, written strategies etc.

Awareness & Training

Tailored content training to increase the security expertise or to raise the employee security awareness.

Forensics & Investigations

Analyze cyber security events and exposing the threats and its root cause.

Are you sure your organization is safe?

Our experts will be delighted to analyze your current cyber protection strategy, test your defense plan, and check whether your organization is exposed.

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