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When we design a cyber defense strategy, it is almost common knowledge that the weakest link on the chain would be the human factor: employees, clients, outsource services, etc.

Due to the fact that our most essential business processes are supported/managed by technologies that designed, operated and maintained by humans, lack of awareness and training is a major business risk. An ongoing effort for raising employees' awareness is a crucial step towards a successful cyber defense strategy implementation and play a major part to contribute to the general organization's maturity and robustness to identify and deal with cyber threats.

Innosec experts team has wide experience with cyber training and retention and can provide your organization either a long term awareness plan, or ad-hoc cyber awareness activities such as courses, seminars, campaigns and cyber-attack simulations.


Are you sure your organization is safe?

Our experts will be delighted to analyze your current cyber protection strategy, test your defense plan, and check whether your organization is exposed.

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