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Compliance & Regulations

InnoSec provides its customers preparation and guidance for cybersecurity regulations & standards compliance. We have engaged with our customers through successful audits such as ISO27K, SOX, COBIT, Cyber Defense Methodology and more.

We believe a thorough and dedicated strategy in the preparation stage could save not only time but also prevent incidences and misunderstanding with the authorities. Our strategy starts with an assessment to understand which regulations, laws, and rules apply to your organization, followed by a verification of implemented policies, processes, and controls. Completing with remediation that fits the business needs and objectives.

With InnoSec compliance and regulation service you can trust that no regulation requirement will be left out. We will discuss each specific regulation and cybersecurity framework, describing their precise applications and find the relevant controls and mitigation plans to resolve it.

The preparation and guidance service InnoSec provides includes but not limited to the following compliance articles: ISO27001/27002, ISO27017, ISO27018, ISO27701, Protection Of Privacy Regulations (Data Security) 2017, PCI-DSS, PSD2, HIPPA, 357 (IL), 257 (IL).


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