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Supply Chain Risk Assessment

The latest cyber-attacks and their impact on organizations show not only the intensity of the phenomenon but also the hackers’ motivation to gain more power. As the hackers become more eager every vulnerable spot could be a potential attack-vector. One of these spots – sometimes referred to as the weakest link - relates to how the organization handle its suppliers, security-wise.

Organizations, according to the Israeli National Cyber Directorate’s defense theory, have the responsibility to ensure that they manage the cyber risks to which they are exposed to by their service providers in the cyber dimension. Therefore, organizations must take seriously a cyber risk management process to protect their supply chain. That includes examining potential cyber risks arising from contracting with a specific vendor by, among other things, defining secure work processes and implementing controls to reduce the organization's exposure to cyber risks.

InnoSec certified experts could help your organization define, lead and guide the supply chain risk assessment process according to the Israel National Cyber Directorate mechanism, that includes the phases needed to raise the resilience of the organization and make it easier to deal with the challenges that may arise as a result of such a process. InnoSec experts will also help to build a substantial supply chain risk strategy for the following years to come, including work plans, etc.


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