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Risk Assessments

Cyber Risk Assessment is the preliminary stepping stone towards the understanding of your organization's cyber maturity as well as the influence of cyber risks for each business process to help decision-makers taking proper risk response measures.

Innosec cyber risk assessment practices examine each business process - bottom-up, as much as possible. This involved many factors such as business needs, data type, sensitivity and data processing.

For each process, we will define cyber scenarios such as reliability, confidentiality, data availability risks & impacts and evaluate the effectiveness of the existing controls (preventive control, revealing control).

The final product of the process is the wide map of all (or most) of the organization's business processes, cyber risks, controls, and effectiveness. This will lead us to the basis for a cyber risk work plan - a product that will enable the organization to move towards a deeper understanding of cyber risks its business processes.

Innosec has wide experience working with CRO’s, CISO and Business owners to identify and characterize cyber risks in business processes.


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