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Methodology Consolidation

Well defined methodologies such as Policies, Procedures or any Ad-Hoc guidelines are important not only as a regulatory necessity.

The updated methodologies documentation the internal auditor will ask to see as a part of his assessment must comply with standards and regulations such as ISOs, SOC1/2, HIPPA, SOX(ITGC) and many more.

However, more importantly, it is the power of a well-defined methodology that ‘place things in order’ and consolidate a day-to-day process (or an ad-hoc one) into a written procedure, so all requirements and guidelines will be always clear.

InnoSec provides such methodologies that will be sensibly tailored for the organizational environment when there is a requirement of a set of policies/procedures or an ad-hoc strategy for securing cloud services or manage SIEM/SOC.


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