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Internal Audits

Internal audit is the most significant tool for the Board of Directors and top Management to detect risks and follow risks mitigation. Internal Audit also allows the Board's Audit Committee to assess the level of compliance to local and international laws and regulations.

InnoSec experienced and skilled consultants team provides top scale services, that cover all aspects of cyber risks and vulnerabilities assessments for the Internal Auditor. Those services include:

  • Help in planning and integrating a cyber-security annual audit plan, based on regulation and operational requirements.
  • Conducting an independent and objective cybersecurity assessment, survey or Penetration tests.
  • Allowing the internal Auditor to thoroughly test and evaluate the organization’s compliance to Cybersecurity related acts and regulation, Privacy law an regulation, National and International Standards, and Best Practice.
  • Delivering audit reports and presentations which reflects the coherency and substantiality required by an Audit Committee.


Are you sure your organization is safe?

Our experts will be delighted to analyze your current cyber protection strategy, test your defense plan, and check whether your organization is exposed.

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