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Forensic Services

In addition to the immediate damage, being a victim of cybercrime can lead to painful layoffs like reputational damage or stock exchange drop. In extreme cases, it could lead to business collapse.

To minimize the potential damage, a strong forensic team must be available for analyzing the evidence and come up with a root cause for neutralizing the threats and minimize the chance it will re-occur again. Furthermore, when a business suspects initiate fraud activity, this is where the forensic team comes into play and found to be an asset for investigation initiatives.

InnoSec has endless cyber forensic experience investigating complexed cyber events. We will not stop until the root cause is found and until customers are well aware and understand the details of the event or the investigation.


Are you sure your organization is safe?

Our experts will be delighted to analyze your current cyber protection strategy, test your defense plan, and check whether your organization is exposed.

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