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Enterprise Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity protection crosses many processes in any enterprise organization and should provide the principles for business preparedness and continuity against cyber incidents. It is an ongoing process which in many cases contains non-technological controls and requires cross-organization cooperation and business understanding even at the lowest business layers in the organization.

InnoSec Enterprise Cyber Risk strategy includes:

  • Cyclic challenging and training the organizational structure gaining the cooperation of the various business entities (Board, CEO, CISO, CRO, CFO, HR, Physical Security) to work as one organic entity.
  • Determining the organization's policies in cyber protection management aspects - Management's obligation, Internal audit, Integrating cyber protection with business process protection.
  • Integration of CISO and its responsibilities in conjunction with other officers: CRO, CFO, physical security, spokesperson, legal department, procurement, personnel.
  • Define a regular method that leads the organization's responsibility to build a multi-year work plan to protect the organization. The process includes defining what assets require protection, the level of protection, the gaps, and mitigation plan.
  • Examining the effectiveness of controls against cyber risk exposure that will constitute the enterprise risk mitigation plan.

InnoSec has wide experience leading many Enterprise organizations to a high maturity level in Cyber Risk Management Sphere. The service indcludes board consulting, CISO as service, Internal audit (Cyber and IT), Security audits & Penetration tests, Cyber Risk Assessment and Training.


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