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CISO Services

InnoSec helps its customers map, manage and understand cyber risks. We offer a technology platform that provides a ground breaking holistic approach that combines qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Our CISO services are the answer to the gap between senior management and the operational staff in the aspect of information security. This gap is caused by the lack of an intermediate mechanism that links the two and identifies the business needs for technical actions and vice versa.

InnoSec offers positioning the role of Information Security Officer by a senior proffesional with vast experiance. As part of that, our various expert consultants are at his disposal, spreading an infrastructure of surrounding professional knowledge to support his tasks.

We believe that our CISO service will benefit the improvement of the level of information security in the organization and will balance resource allocation in the areas of information security.


Are you sure your organization is safe?

Our experts will be delighted to analyze your current cyber protection strategy, test your defense plan, and check whether your organization is exposed.

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