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Suppliers Risks

One of the major risk organizations must deal with when trying to assess risks are those who can potentially come from an outside source with direct access to the organization environment - the organization suppliers.

STORM Supplier risk platform can help you manage manufacturers, retailers, financial services companies, and government agencies that the organization is highly dependent on to achieve business objectives.

There is nothing wrong with managing your supplier's list on an excel spreadsheet, but when it comes to the process of supplier assessment, questionnaire management, supplier assessment findings, and follow-ups tasks, it could be more tricky.

STORM can replace time-consuming manual processes with automated workflows so you could have automatically generated real-time statistics view regarding your suppliers at a click of a button.

STORM enables you to upload as much data add as required including evidence, images, reports on each supplier page, and in every step of the assessment process. You could also have a different questionnaire for different types of suppliers.


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