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Compliance & Regulation

InnoSec provides its customer's a perfect tool to manage cybersecurity regulations & standards compliance. We believe a thorough and dedicated management strategy in the preparation stage and through the ongoing compliance process, could save not only time but also prevent incidences and misunderstanding with the authorities.

Instead of shifting through multiple cumbersome emails, spreadsheets, and applications, you can have an automated way to scope and access all compliance and regulation aspects in a single platform.

With STORM compliance & regulation product you can trust that no regulation requirement will be left out. Each specific regulation clause will be uploaded to STORM as a requirement with the description of their precise applications and the relevant controls and mitigation plans to resolve it. Should further treatment or investigation will be required according to the Complaint Offices decision - dedicated tasks could be open and be managed with due dates, alert notifications and etc.

STORM compliance and regulation platform also enables crossing between two different regulations clauses - e.g. if your organization is already compliant with a clause in one regulation, you will get all the relevant similar references when coming to check on a similar clause on a different regulation.

STORM provides a management solution to different compliance and regulation articles such as ISO27001/27002, ISO27017, ISO27018, ISO27701, Protection Of Privacy Regulations (Data Security) 2017, PCI-DSS, PSD2, HIPPA, 357 (IL), 257 (IL).


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