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We Are The CyberSecurity Compass That Keeps You On Track

In a world of massive potential cyber threats and attacks, there is no time or privilege to stand still!

Instead of waiting for the incident to occur and catch you unprepared, your organization must be equiped with the right and up-to-date metholodologies, practices and tools to thwart it.

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The rise of attacks resulting in huge business losses has brought cybersecurity into the board room. This step has reflected communication with organizational senior management. The Protection of Business Assets is the new terminology, and we, at InnoSec, are obliged to follow and comply with it.

InnoSec provides professional services to every organizational level. From security analysts, through security leaders and up to c-level executives and board of directors.

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Enterprise Cyber Risk

Understand your company’s cyber risk from the business point of view. Enables your C-suite and board to have an effective cyber strategy in a language they understand.

Privacy & GDPR

Resources that provide you automated tools to manage GDPR compliance and perform privacy impact and risk assessments.

CISO as a Service

Determine the information security strategy of the organization, govern and execute procedures and standards.

Penetration Tests

Simulate attacks from malicious external agent on both applicative and infrastructure levels.

Featured Products

The Products We Provide

STORM management platform helps organizations map, manage and understand cyber risks. We offer a technology platform that provides a ground breaking holistic approach that combines qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Our STORM management platform is the answer to both senior management and the operational staff in the aspect of information security. Using our robust permission engine makes sure each audience member will be able to watch exactly the data they permitted, including dedicated tasks, dashboards and reports.

More Products

Risk Management

Understand your organization's cyber risks from a top-down approach combines with qualitative measurements, attack vectors and scenarios.

Compliance & Regulation

An automated tool to manage compliance of several regulations such as ISO, PCI, GDPR, PSD2, HIPPA and etc.

Asset Management

An easy approach to map all organizational assets, define their risk's level, conduct assessment, prioritize vulnerabilities and mitigations.

Suppliers Risks

Provides a clear view of your supplier risk assessment. Automate the audit workflow process.


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